Engraving settings

I"m engraving thick flourescent pink acrylic. it gives me a choice of Draft, SD, or HD Graphic; Draft photo; HD Photo; 3D engrave; and Deep 3D engrave. Is there some where that explains the difference between all of those?


I don’t think so. If you select one of those, then switch to Manual, you can see the settings that will be used. But let me give you my understanding…

Draft will use a lower LPI, therefore making it a faster yet potentially-less-attractive engrave.
SD Graphic will use a slightly-higher LPI. (To me, these settings are typically about what I’m looking for.)
HD Graphic will use higher LPI and possibly slower engraves and lower power, making it take a lot longer, but the results may be deeper and cleaner.
SD and HD photo are similar to above except that you’ll get nice dithering that you’d want from a photo.
3D will vary the power per color… darker will be deeper.
Deep 3D is, well, just as the name implies. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps you. And I hope what I just said is actually correct.
I tend to use :proofgrade: settings as a starting point and then switch to Manual to make small adjustments as I see fit.


Thanks, Tom.

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Tom’s just about covered it. I will add that if you are engraving a bitmap/rastor image, SD graphic and HD graphic setting use different methods to interpret color and the end result will look very different. SD uses “vary power” and the darker the color in the image, the deeper it will engrave. The HD setting converts the image to halftone and it’s called “convert to dots”. The darker the color in the image, the more dots it’ll burn. Hope that makes sense.

(DISCLAIMER: I just came from the dentist; my whole head is numb and I’m a little woozy. I am not responsible if this is actually written in Klingon or something and I’m the only person who can understand it. :joy:)


tlhIngan maH

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Hahahahahaah Perfect! Just to cover my basis…

‘oH neH ghot tu’lu’. mej yuvtlhe’ tom. ‘e’ bitmaprastor ghItlhvam ghItlh SoH, pIm methods DanoHmeH sd graphic hd graphic setting 'ej interpret color ‘ej megh’an ghot’e’ legh SoHvaD pIm chel jIH. “Sar HoS” 'eb ‘ej So’meH darker color qaStaHvIS ghItlhvam, lo’ sd deeper ghItlh 'oH. ghItlhvam bIDameH hd setting halftone ‘ej “bIDameH dots” ponglu’. darker color ghItlhvam, latlh dots meQ 'oH neH. tul San Dapvetlh.

(DISCLAIMER: neH vo’ jIH dentist; naQ nach numb ‘ej loQ woozy. jIHbe’ ngoy’ mojpu’ ghItlh pa’ tlhIngan vay’ pagh 'ej neH nuv laH 'oH yaj 'Iv. : yImaq:)



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