Engraving Showing Up Squiggly

Hi! So I noticed my laser engraving parts of words in a squiggly fashion. It started with just one one and now it is doing it on others. I was using PG draft board and after it did this a few times I did try non PG material, it still did the same thing. I have cleaned all of the lens, made sure nothing was loose, my WiFi is fine and connecting without any issues. The design I was cutting I have engraved and cut plenty of times before so nothing has changed. I’m not sure what the issue is. I have orders that have to go out asap and now my laser is acting out. Any help would be appreciated!

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Check your wheels and pulleys. If they are all intact, check your belt tension. My guess is a wheel on the printhead carriage.


So there is a crack on the wheels on the left hand side, I’m attaching a photo.

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Probably the issue…Support will be along shortly to discuss with you!


We would LOVE to actually get some help! We have emailed asking for help and written into this forum for help and cannot get any! My husband emailed about a new machine last night since we thought that could be an option at this point, we have already received an email to help us with purchasing a new GF but can’t get any help with one already bought. So why bother to purchase an ‘upgraded’ model (that still won’t cut through PG 1/4" material) that we won’t get ANY help with if there is a problem. Our small business is our sole income and we can no longer operate due to our laser being down. WE NEED SOME HELP TO FIX OUR LASER!!! It’s heart breaking to see you offer all the help with buying a new laser but ZERO help with one already purchased that has an issue.

When you email for help you would receive an auto-reply within moments - if you’re not getting that then either your email isn’t reaching them, or their email isn’t reaching you. Posting here will let them know there is a problem with email communication.

When you post here they will always respond within a day, but as they’re on the west coast their day only started about an hour ago - and you’re probably not first in line.


@thefandomhallows I’m so sorry for the delay in response and to see you have a broken wheel on your laser arm. For the next steps for troubleshooting, I have sent an email to you. I will wait until you reply to the email before I close this forum ticket.

I hear you. we have had severe problems over the past 3 weeks. engraving coming out terrible. did everything they asked. They said they would send a new caraige belt and they did not send until 4 days later then it took almost a week to get here. We are on on Vancouver Island which isn’t that far from Seattle.
got business todo

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