Engraving sometimes

I have 4 images (2 images repeated) that need to be engraved into wood. However, one of each image is outlined in blue and engrave fine while their matching pair is red and does not show up. Any suggestions?

Are you certain that the ones outlined in red are within the usable boundary of the bed?


Yes, but that was a good question:) I am new to GlowForge so I wouldn’t put that past me:)

A bitmap image may have artifacts that are hard to see, even the lightest “dots” outside of the intended engrave area will prevent it from working. Crop it down to just the edge of what you want to engrave. If you move a piece around on the workspace you will see how it changes color as it is completely within the printable area, or if even a tiny part is outside. Note that for engraving, the entire bed is not accessible, so the design has to fall well within the sides. They are greyed out.


That was it! THank you so much:)

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