Engraving Stain touchup

I engraved on the attached wood cigar box and wanted recommendations on touching up where I engraved to give it a better polished finish. Should I paint, stain, etc. where I did Engraving.


I think it looks very nice as it is.

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Very pretty! You might want to seal it though (do a forum search for “sealing engraving” to get some tips on how others do it). The best time for doing something specific to an engraving is to do it before you have peeled off the masking so you can protect the unengraved areas if you want to treat the engraving with paint or stain to darken it. If you didn’t mask this one, you might want to try masking next time, using a wide masking tape like this one.


I’ve used epoxy resin to give some of mine a glass like thick finish. Pretty easy, a lot of stirring, and make sure its level.

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