Engraving text

I have been using my glowforge primarily to engrave wood. This means I am working in manual mode and I am using my own wood material. So far this has worked really well after some experimentation to get the settings where I want them. I have been using Inkscape and uploading the finalized design to the glowforge app.
However I just tried to upload a design that is text. When I attempted to upload the design I got an error message telling me that glowforge cannot do text.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a work around?

There are so many posts about this… better more detailed posts, so you might want to hunt around but basically you gotta convert the text to shapes.

For more specific help, we sort of need to know what program you’re using. I’ll assume inkscape:

Select your text and select Path->object to path. Boom, shapes.

Other programs will have analogous ways to do it, but inkscape is where I live.


Did you create a path for your text by clicking on Object to Path?

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Thank you so much. That was an easy fix. I was able to convert my text design using Object to Path and it worked! Amazing!

Thanks again!!!

Glad it worked. Be a little wary of text, especially when dealing with complicated fonts. Sometimes the resulting paths can be strange, and can yield weird banding or stray lines when you try to engrave them.

Sometimes the safest plan is to export the text as a png and re-import it as a raster object.

It doesn’t happen too often but if/when it does, that’s the workaround.


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