Engraving time help

Hi, I am curious if there is any way of speeding up the time to engrave something. I am trying to make a small sign on clear acrylic . I have speed at the top and did not know if just putting power to say 60 would quicken the time?

The speed and lpi are the factors that will change your time requirements. Faster speeds don’t necessarily shorten the engrave time as they require more time to speed up and slow down on every pass. You can experiment with speed and see if a slower speed might actually be quicker. For example, try a speed of 500 with less power and lower lpi and it might be quicker than 1000 speed full power.


The biggest changed I think you’ll see is with Lines per inch.

Decrease the LPI and do some tests to see which setting is the lowest and still gives you the result desired. For some designs I lower it to like 195 or so.


Oh thought of two other things to mention.

When you are choosing the engrave settings, I would also test out draft vs sd etc.

And another tip is to position your design straight and horizontally if possible. See how long each way says it will take. You’d be surprised at the differences I’ve seen horizontally vs vertically.

The good news is that these are all variables you can test out to make sure it comes out just how you want it!


Do you have multiple layers?


Thank you so much

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