Engraving Trail Map

Hello everyone! I am new to glowforge and trying to figure out my projects and was wondering if someone would be able to help me! I want to create an engraved trail map for my coworker as a gift and I am wondering how to do that. Those of you who have experience creating them, can you send me a few pointers? I have the picture I want of the trails but need to know what is best to convert into an svg or png for glowforge and what prints the best.

Do a search on here for trail maps and you’ll get a lot of advice/ideas :slight_smile:

For the question you did pose:
A .png is a type of bitmap file (like .jpg, .tif, etc.)
An .svg is a container file that can hold bitmaps and vectors (like .pdf).
Bitmaps will only ever engrave.
Vectors can cut or engrave.
Generally if you’re doing a picture with gradients/colour changes of any sort you want it as a bitmap, and if you’re doing straight black/white you can do it in vector. You will need a vector outline to cut something out.

I hope that helps!


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