Engraving usb stick

Hey all.
I’m interested in engraving some USB sticks, which are thicker than the wood I’ve been working with up to now. Since there isn’t a manual around, can someone give me some idea of how I’d set up parameters to engrave something like this?

What’s the material they are made of?

A couple are plastic, one has an aluminum cover.

Engraving unknown plastic is a little concerning - different plastics respond differently to lasers, and some emit unpleasant gasses.

Aluminum lasers nicely. There’s a fairly amount of discussion here about “anodized aluminum”.


Yes, biggest concern is material. For accuracy of engrave, once you’ve determined the material to be safe, is accurate thickness. I’d secure the drive in the middle of the bed after getting a measurement with micrometer. Aluminum will have numbers available on just a search here. Plastic, if safe, is more trial and error.