Engraving vertical straight lines fails

Hi there,

I’ve been using my GF for more than 2.5 years without any issues, but yesterday, after printing/cutting some wood pieces it started to fail at engraving vertical lines. I cleaned everything related to lenses, but it didn’t help. I have an order to fulfill and I fear I won’t be able to because of that issue. Here’s a picture of the results I get instead of clean vertical engraved lines:

Any help would be highly appreciated

Material: plywood 5mm
Speed: 535
Power: 70
Lines per cm: 105
Pass: 1

I have been able to print this template multiple times before, so it’s most likely a physical thing, I guess…


Am I right in thinking the right rule is broken?

Edit 2: wuuuuuuuut??? 139USD to ship two small wheels to France???

That is the problem you are looking at.
Shipping will be the same if you order a lot more, so one-time buying is a lot more expensive than buying all at once.


Sadly yes the shipping sucks big time. I live in Canada and can see the Olympic mountains in Washington state from my front window and my shipping charge is $97.09.


ok, so buying one, i’m going to try to 3D print one… Thanks for your answers :wink:

I would not expect good results from 3d printed ones. You can find them in industrial supplies (even to make 3D printers) but GF has said theirs were special somehow. Though there was a real bad batch early in the covid times.

Printing the wheel in 3D worked quite well, the second attempt was a success. I think it can work until I get an official wheel…


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