Engraving ... what am I missing here?

Hello folks. I’ve read a bunch of posts about engraving and they’ve been super helpful but I still don’t see to have the background of the coin I’m trying to make set to engrave. I’m using Inkscape, I’ve made the circle, put some circles along the path of the outside edge, added text then ungrouped, and did the exclusion… so in Inkscape it looks like the background will engrave and the text and circles around the edge will be raised but when I put it in GF it doesn’t have the engraving. Not sure how to fix it so I’m hoping someone is around that can help. TIA

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This is what I see when I open this in the Glowforge. It looks to me like it will engrave everything but the text and circles and then cut around the perimeter.


I wouldn’t include the outline around the circles and the letters. This is what I would do:
Coin test


what the heck! Ok I’ll have to upload it again… maybe I was just to hungry and tired


well now that I see it that way the font sucks so I’ll have to fix that too… thanks


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