Engraving Wooden BBQ Set

hi, i am wondering if anyone has engraved a wooden bbq set. the kind with the wooden tongs and spatula. i was wondering about settings and can’t seem to find any but i can’t be the first one to have this idea so i’m asking for help!

this is the set from target room essentials set.

See #6


Wood is wood is wood. It really doesn’t matter if it is a notebook cover, a knife handle or a bbq set. Try to determine what kind of wood you are working with and start with a Proofgrade setting for a similar wood. You will have to adjust your settings based on the finished look you desire.


Also, do the BBQ tongs sit flat and are less that .5"? If not, you’ll have to take the crumb tray out. What’s the depth of your utensils?


How long are the pieces? Will they even fit inside the machine without obstructing the gantry?

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i will have to take the crumb tray out and use risers to engrave. it is just a set from target room essentials line.

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They don’t list any wooden sets on their web site.

Only “traditional” metal with wooden handles, and those are too long to fit into the GF.

Do you have a link? I was going to see if I could tell what kind of wood it was.

Oh, you said wood, not wood handles.

Those are short enough to fit. Can’t tell what kind of wood, for the price I can’t imagine them being teak or cherry, probably something that’s been stained.

You’re going to have to test, but don’t move them - just repeat the engrave if it doesn’t come out dark enough. I’d probably start with cherry hardwood settings.

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