Engravings coming out yellow

Does anyone know how I can avoid this yellow / burned glow?

What material is that? And, is it masked? That’s a bit of scorching from the laser beam


You’ll want to mask the material before you put the name on.

Unless you mean that the rest of the engravings are too light - in which case you’ll want to either lower the speed or increase the power.

There are instructions on working in manual mode here:


You may be seeing the smoke residue on the surface. Rubbing alcohol will take that off. :wink:


A real light, high grit sanding will pull it off also without disturbing the engraving. If it wasn’t finished well before the engrave, the alcohol may not be aggressive enough. It does wonders on finished woods though. I can’t tell from the image.


If you leave on the masking you can paint or stain stuff black. The color created with the laser is quite variable depending on the material and level of heat, and more.

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