Engravings on Proofgrade Frosted Acrylic?


Has anyone worked with Frosted Acrylic? I’m mostly curious about how it looks engraved (nothing fancy - just a simple design or words!). Thank you in advance!


The words ‘Power’ and ‘Active’ are engraved on frosted acrylic.


living hinges, lots of engraves…

Did these for a friend. (and have since refined the design some more).


Thank you! That looks awesome!


Thank you!


Nice! How did you get it to bend like that?


I’m going to send you down the rabbit hole :slight_smile:

Search the forum for “living hinge” and you’ll see something like this:
50+ results for living hinge

Have fun with the discovery :smiley:


1/8" Acrylic is also very easy to form in an oven. You can heat a part up and drape it over an object to get it to conform to the mold or mandrel shape.


Thank you.


Thanks for the information.


That’s so cool! I need to try that.