Entering Day 5

I just received my email and am pretty excited, as you can all image.

For those keeping tabs, here are my stats:

Date: 9/28
Time: 4:18 AM (I’m an east coaster)
Basic w/ Filter

Fingers crossed that it won’t take the full 6 weeks.


Awesome! I ordered my Pro w/ Filter shortly after you! ( West Coast. )
Let’s see how long it takes for my E mail to get here!!!

EDIT: Ooops, in my excitement I got my math wrong, lol
7:17:00 AM West coast = 10:17:00 AM East coast time.
I subtracted instead of adding, DOH! I am so excited waiting for the
e mail, I can’t even think straight!


Yay!! :tada::tada::tada:

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That’s great!!! Very happy for you!

I am a basic in day 5, hoping to get the e-mail soon. Thank you for the update!