Entering multiple gift cards

I have several gift cards I want to use on a purchase of my 2nd Glowforge. It will only allow me to enter one and no more. Is there a way to enter them all? I have been saving them for my purchase of my 2nd GF and now I can’t figure it out?

I moved this to problems and support, seems a better place to get an answer to this.


It would be if it opened a ticket. They don’t normally look at the forums directly.

@charsethman A created post here in #problems-and-support creates a ticket as does emailing support.

If you do one or the other, it’ll net you the best result in getting support’s attention.


I was able to add any number of gift card codes at checkout on the Glowforge Store. Enter the code in the box, press “apply”, enter the second code in the box, press “apply”, etc.

However, there’s no gift card box at all if there’s a printer in your cart.

I think if you email customer support (support@glowforge.com), they can make up an invoice and apply the gift cards to it from their end.

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I thought we can cash out the gift cards if they are from a referral. I might be wrong on this though. I have just let my referral gift cards sit there.

You can cash out a gift card, but you only get about 80% of its value in cash. It’s better to keep it as a gift card if you intend to spend it on another Glowforge like @charsethman

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