Enticing little Machine

I couldn’t help but notice several of the innovations first introduced by glowforge. Makes me think co-founder Mark, the CTOs garage was bugged. :grin:

I don’t recall if this has been linked to before, if so, pardon the redundancy.

I’ve been thinking of a 3D printer, but the versatility of this system got my attention. After the promotional period they are likely to get my money… :star_struck:

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My concerns:

Lasers, as we know, are filthy and emit fumes. Enclosing that is the best way to ensure that you don’t breathe the junk. They require precision to work properly.

CNCs (as some of us know?) are violent machines that rattle the material and machine to hell and back. They also produce a tremendous amount of sawdust/bits.

3d Printers are janky fiddly devices, which need precision to work even remotely well.

It seems that the rattling and vibration of the CNC will make the machine prone to going out out alignment and will impede the laser and 3d printer side of things… not to mention the impact of the sawdust on everything.

I think I’d want my CNC especially to be far away from everything else.

In short, I think these are all separate machines for a reason. This feels like trying to glue a screwdriver and a drill to a hammer.


Yeah, valid concerns. I certainly have no need of a 1.5w laser, but the self-leveling table of the printer got my attention, and a small footprint router would fit my limited space.

As I stipulated, I would wait for reviews after wide spread adoption before committing.

I would love plasma and/or water jet table as well as a traditional CNC for 4x8 projects. Unfortunately it is my wallet that has limited space. :laughing:


Yeah, it’s always something. Another factor in my case is her reaction. “You bought what?” :grimacing:


Having separate versions of all of those things combined into that unit, I wouldn’t touch it with a 40-ft pole. My first 3D printer advertised these things all in one, but I am really, really glad now that I have experience with it that those plans haven’t come to fruition.


A friend has the 1.0. Does it work? Yes. Well? Meh. In concept, this is a does-it-all compact workshop. In reality, it doesn’t do any of the things particularly well, in part because each suffers a bit to maintain the all-in-one ethos. If you just want a 3D printer, there are much more affordable, powerful and flexible options. Self-leveling is not a unique feature - a basic inclusion these days.


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