Epilog Helix for sale

Anyone interested in upgrading to an Epilog Helix for cheap? I bought it new last May for $23,000 to cut earsavers. Done with that and ready for it to find a new home. This thing is awesome - cuts and engraves earsavers 4 times as fast as my GF Pro did. 60 watt, 24"x16" cutting area, rotary attachment and well over $1,000 in various laserable materials included. $15,000 for all. Must be picked up in Northeast Louisiana


I did not know there was a recent Helix model with a 24 x 16 bed. Do you have a model number? I may be interested.


Model 8000. They market it as 24x18 but actual cutting area is 23.5x17


My super power is buying things I don’t need (this includes the Glowforge). I am gonna have to walk away from this Epilog. Seems like a better deal than most of them on ebay or the Epilog site. Good luck.


I keep thinking of Fiddler on the Roof: If I were a rich man (woman in my case). Good luck. I’m in southeast Louisiana.


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