Epilog question?

Thanks for replying. I went there today again and the salesman kept insisting on just messing with the speed and power and DPI but refused to mess with the dithering because “Standard is the best option”. I hate dealing with people that are so closed minded! I know I could get a very similar result but this guy is the worst salesman ever and I am not sure if I should just pull the trigger and spend 8k for a machine that MAY or MAY NOT get the results I need because of the incompetent salesman or what to do… ughhh

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Too bad you aren’t getting someone more helpful!
Have you looked on the Epilog forums, or just a general internet search for Epilog engraving? Maybe you can find some pics or info that will clarify the matter.

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Yes I am going to have to try an epilog forum. I was just hoping that maybe here someone had both and could help me out but yes, that salesman wasnt too helpful. Worst part is I had to drive 45min back there today because he told me he was able to replicate the texture and when I saw it it just looks exactly like before (bunch of lines), just a little deeper…

Frequency settings are the closest thing it has to GF’s variable power supply and may be the solution for this. Most people don’t mess with frequency changes and as I recall it was sometimes locked in the settings.

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Thanks for getting back. I guess I am not going to be able to get the machine. The salesman apparently is the “top notch” guy to go to according to Epilog and I highly doubt it! He wasn’t even able to vector cut a circle in my material without burning the crap out of the edges. He was just randomly playing with frequency, power and speed just to “guess” and try to achieve what I needed. It sucks to deal with people that are so closed minded, I even told him to try to mess with the dithering and he tried to BS me by saying he cant because it was RBG or some bull crap like that. Oh well, their loss.


Depending where you are, contact epilog and see if there is someone else near-ish by you could talk to. Had a similar experience in Vegas at a trade show. Sawstop guy just wanted to argue it was me causing the dust collecting in the cabinet of my sawstop.

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