Epoxy Filled LED color changing desk name plate

@rbtdanforth those look more legit than what I used. @ElsieH I actually used something like what I pasted below.

Maybe better in a sense because you can cut the tip to make it wider if you don’t want to keep it so narrow


Hey, what about a syringe, would that work? I know nothing about epoxy except that it looks really interesting and I may just try it someday. I have a pack of 14 gauge needles and syringes laying around. They came in handy for acrylic solvent, a good way to get just a bit out of the can and not have to fill a squeeze bottle.


The problem is that all are basically single use. If the epoxy sets then they are trash. The point of using what is headed for trash in the first place, means there is no loss.


can you share your LED light source?

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It’s a simple LED light strip that I found at a store called 5 Below (where everything is 5$).

Similar to what can be found at the link below: