Erased lines showing in SVG

I was editing a file that I exported as an SVG… my only problem is that I erased parts of different lines, but the erased parts are still showing up when I upload my SVG to GF. Anyone know how to work around this? Thanks!

The line paths look correct when I click on them while I’m editing the file… the start and end points are correct, but it seems to ignore that when I upload.

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I might be wrong, but I think that when you erase stuff it creates a clip path…which is not supported by the GFUI.

*just realized I called it the wrong thing…it’s a clipping mask…not path. :flushed:


Lines need to be deleted rather than erased.


Vector design programs often have tools that visually look like they’re erasing something but are really just hiding them. Which program are you using to edit and which tool in that program are you using to erase?


It used to be Lineraity I believe, but is now called Curve :slight_smile:

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