Error Code

anyone else having this issue? the site keeps crashing and giving me this error code " an unexpected error has occured" . I’m trying to do my first print to learn how to use the Glowforge

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Your picture had not loaded before you clicked off, so please state the error or reload the pic.

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Picture would not load so here is my best explanation

Just a few minutes ago I started getting “design failed to load” on files that I use frequently. It’s a different kind of error but it might apply to a greater issue. Im assuming it’s something on their end.
I’ll be trying again in a few minutes.

Just tried some of my most complex designs, no issue here.

I have never seen an error that only states “an unexpected error has occured”. Most the time there is following sentences about refreshing a browser or some other recommendation. I would reach out to glowforge and let them know of the uniqueness of the message. They will be able to give better information on something that had not occurred in the current history of the machine.

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