Error- Files won't load

I was engraving several items, no issues, and suddenly nothing will load. I show to have a good signal, no other devices connected, I’ve restarted everything.

Are they getting hung up uploading? Did you try drag and drop?

It says rendering design & then goes to unexpected error, contact support. They’re just simple name engraves, InkScape files.

Hmmmn. Well, you’ve notified them with the post…if you want to zip up one of the problem files and load it here, someone might be able to see something in it quicker than they will get to it.

Name engraves… Did you convert the fonts to outlines?

Oh my, it just loaded. I’ve been trying for an hour with no luck. Never fails, as soon as I post it starts working again. Sorry to bother everyone! Thank you all!


When I can’t find something, search high and low and it’s just not anywhere, I call my husband to ask if he knows where it might be. Never fails, as soon as he answers his phone, I spot it. It’s happened so often that he KNOWS. I’ll say, “never mind,” and he’ll laugh and go, “found it, huh?” It’s like magic.


Thanks for letting us know this happened, and I’m sorry about the trouble. Since you’re up and printing now, I’m going to close this thread, but I’ve passed your report on to the team. If this issue reoccurs, please open a new thread. Thank you, and happy printing!

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