Error Message after set focus

Keep getting “An error occurred on your glowforge please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your glowforge off and then on again”

So I did turn it off an then on rebooted the laptop and cleaned up the glowforge which was already cleaned on sunday. thru in a piece of PG acrylic ran set focus all was well. stuck in my dog tag ran set focus and got the error message again. I did check the height even tho it will tell you if your height is incorrect. I have engraved these tags before and never had this problem. All that is being ingraved is “NIKKI” used inkscape to create the file. Thanks for thelp.

The only time I ever got this message it turned out to be an issue with my file. I’d be glad to look it over if you want to post a zipped version of your SVG.

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I got it to work by not setting set focus on top of the tag. I set it just under the dog tag and is working as planned. But here is the file incase there maybe an issue with it. NIKKI

Thank you for the help.

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I loaded your file and didn’t get any errors, so it must have been the location of the set focus, as you concluded.

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Thanks for the help.


I’m so sorry to hear that you hit this snag!

Thank you for letting us know that the trouble was narrowed down to the location of your set focus. Since the file appears to be correct, and you are not experiencing the same behavior after utilizing Set focus in another location, I’ll close this ticket.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at if you run into any trouble in the future.