Error message: camera

strong textSays it won’t take a picture. I changed the air assist cartridge. I cleaned the Glowforge. I think I heard something fall off the LED strip on the right side which won’t turn on now.
The video said to change the lid cable, so I did. That did not work either.


  1. I put a new air assist cartridge plate on.
  2. I put a

    new lid cable on
  3. I cleaned and gently wiped down the Glowforge.

I had to change out the lid light strip which they have in the catalog. They have replacements for the lid cable wire also.

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These are the things that I ordered yesterday.

I’d already had an extra cartridge plate and lid wire cable. I changed both of those. I think I wiped the right LED strip to hard ( thought I was being gentle) and now the right LED strip won’t come on. I should have just left it dirty. The error message is that camera was unable to take a picture. Nothing is moving.

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I think that should hopefully do it, I needed to use a spackle application tool to free the lights.

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Thanks. I should have just left them dirty. I am still waiting for support to contact me for next steps.

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Let us know what happens!

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Curious: the print head won’t move (yes manually/ no electronically) after I put the new air assist cartridge on. The error message of “ unable to take a camera image” comes on immediately. Did that happen to you?


When I changed my air assist, mine didn’t move manually with the machine off because I had the washer on the wrong side I believe. I didn’t power on until it was sliding easily. I think i read a guide by @MyDogsThinkImCrazy that helped. Though it was unrelated to the camera issue.

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Mine moves easily. I think it’s on right. I think it doesn’t move because of the camera error that comes up immediately, but hopefully insight is coming soon.

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If your right LED strip is down then your machine is probably not going to be able to read the state of the right sides lid sensor and would therefor think your machines lid is open. The machine will not move if it thinks the lid is open. I would certainly try with that first.

Changing your carriage place should not effect the ability to take a camera picture. You might be getting the error for the camera image delayed. If you download your machines logs then you can see if that is currently an error for the machine.


How did it go?

They just got back with me. So far nothing helps.

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did you read your machine logs?

Not yet. I have not been home long enough to do so. I did receive my parts. Wanted to install, but don’t want to waste or put wrong parts on. Waiting for next steps.

I gotta look up how to read my log. Have not done it in awhile.

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Thanks everyone for the help.

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How do I get to my logs?

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I did it once, but I forgot how to do it.

Update: I’m on the third person responding to me and each person asks me to reclarify what my problem is.

Really?? Just scroll. It’s not like it’s not in actual writing. I could understand if I “said it”, but I wrote it.
I have not gotten anywhere. I’m on day 8 of having my Glowforge down. Not happy. Not happy at all.

They did clarify that I did point out a typo. My mood now is at blank stare. That typo is the reason I ordered both LED strips. That typo cost me an extra $30.