Error message desktop

This is happening on both my computers but not my phone or tablet. I deleted browser history and it worked for a few hours now back to this.

Delete your browser cache again, or try a different browser (like Edge on your taskbar there).


I tried that - it worked for a little while then did it again- it does it on both browsers I have- both computers one is a std one is a laptop. I think it has something to do with your updates.

Not sure who “your” refers to, Glowforge does not participate in these forums. We’re all just owners here.

That said, working fine here on any machine with any browser, so there’s no issue with any update.

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There haven’t been any updates to the app in weeks. There are over 100,000 Glowforges out there and you’re the only owner to make a post about getting this error message recently. It’s likely to be related something specific to you, like the design you’re trying to work on, or your wifi.


I am having this same problem today. I used it yesterday now i get the same message as you do.

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Yea it’s still at it- I’ve cleared all my history- made sure my pop up blockers allow anything from glowforge- everything I’m told- it’s just odd it’s on both of my computers- but works fine on tablet and cell- same internet-

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I’m having the same issue today… worked fine on Friday, didn’t use it over the weekend, and now this today… I have been able to get access through the phone app, but not on the computer.

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