Error message everytime

Just got my new Glowforge , I used it twice but with a design already downloaded . I have now tried to add five new watch bands to engrave all saved in just one band each and I get the error both times . I’ve cleared cookies , I’ve tried Firefox I’ve tried safari , I’ve tried other files everything gets the error to restart Glowforge and I’ve done that three times and all files say this !

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Many other users are experiencing the same issues with new files. Looks like the problem is on the GF side. I saw on another thread that a GF tech was looking into it.

Oh okay thank you !!! Man I have done everything and just been down for two weeks got my replacement machine and this :rofl: hate to say I was thinking the worst ! :disappointed:

I was worried too! I subscribed to their status update system so I dont waste my whole Sunday refreshing the dashboard. You can too, if you want, here: Glowforge Status

Thank you !!! I appreciate the help !

Hello @jillanna12

Thank you for bringing this up.

We did have an issue which impacted your ability to upload design files, but this has been resolved. Please try your upload again.

If there is an issue, reach back out and we’ll make sure that we get this taken care of for you.