Error Message Head not found

Hi! I just cleaned my machine and every time I turn it on the head will move to one side and then will just sit there. You can hear it trying to move but then I get an error message saying “head not found”

I have tried doing all the trouble shooting options but it still seems to be happening. Wifi, cleaning the lenses, checking on the cables, etc. I have emailed support to see what is the next step. Just checking to see if anyone can give me any tips on what to do while I wait to hear back.


If the head cable is secure, I would clean the contacts on the head bottom and where the head seats on the carriage plate.
Beyond that, with the machine off, move the head under the camera and turn the machine on. See if that helps.


Thank you! I have cleaned all that but maybe cleaning the metal carriage will help.


I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.