Error Message nothing is working!

In the middle of a great print day, this message popped up. I really have no idea what to do. We cleaned everything as all the threads said. We even tried a camera calibration and when It got past the print part to the measure part it popped up saying lost WiFi connection but our WiFi never went out. I have graduation orders I need to get done and am having a small panic attack. Can anyone help us out?

I’ve had that message before…and I would bet many others on here have also seen it. Usually it gets resolved by doing just what it suggests…refresh your browser or close your browser and reopen it and / or power off your GF and start over. Could be that your wifi just dropped enough to lose connection temporarily…I’ve had that happen to me, even though only once in the past 4 1/2 years. It was enough to cause problems.


It could also be the file causing the error in the pic you shared. One habit I got into was copying my final design, and pasting into a new, blank document.

The wifi connection error is not particularly uncommon when running the calibration process. For some reason it’s very sensitive to wifi issues.


Most GF users assume that if their material is not the correct height then they would be getting a message about material not being the correct height. But the thing is that only happens if the GF is able to determine the height from its IR reading.

When the print head goes and shines the red light to measure, it gets a reading but its not processing it locally. It actually passes off that reading to GF servers. If on GF end, a accurate value is not able to be determined from the reading, then it basically passes back a null. That will cause the request to refresh browser. But its not your browser that is the issue.

If you have a picture of your set up in the bed of the glowforge (not from the app but from the bed with the GF door down) then we might be able to see what might need a change in setup. Your material might be just a little to tall or you might be using a reflective material.


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