Error on your Glowforge

Is anyone else having an issue? I have been trying to engrave a sheet of earrings for 3 days now. I don’t need to hear to try something else, I need these earrings for a party I am hosting tomorrow. I have engraved much more detailed earrings in the past, this shouldn’t be " too much" I have cleared my history, turned the glowforge on and off. cut the sheet in 1/2, 1/4, then broke the 1/4 down into steps and still cannot get it to do anything.

“error has occurred please refresh your browser or turn your Glowforge off and on”

No. Printed some tokens earlier, engraved design then cut, about an inch - similar to ear-rings.

As you don’t need to try anything else, not much I can offer.


No issue with mine.


Did you confirm that the red light when setting focus is hitting the material at the correct spot? What does the window that shines the red light on the print head look like? If the machine has determined it is outside of its CI when setting focus and getting a reading, then it will give that message.


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