Error Report cannot get to scan/read

Beyond frustrated. I cannot get to the first print as I continously get an “Error Report”

error reoport.docx (507.2 KB)

I do not have it set for ad blockers, computer is set to accept cookies. I have tried to scan first project to practice, it scanned one and now will not scan. I have cleared the cookies, cache and rebooted computer 5x. What else am I missing? I have tried opening and using in Chome, edge, firefox as well.

what leads up to this? Or what are you doing on the machine or app before it happens?

It happens within about one minute of logging in to the program. I don’t even get to cut or use the machine. I think it is more to do with the program and my computer as opposed to the machine itself. It has to be a compatibility issue.

What happens when you open the app on your phone?

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