Error uploading file for hours now

I have renamed the file with changes each time, 5 times now. I have cleared cache, I have rebooted, I have tried new windows. I even took out about 1/2 the design. It’s small tags i’m cutting/scoring about 5 words per 3" tag. i’ve cut 100-200 last week. I only have about 6 lines of 6 - nothing complex or large

Care to share the file to see if someone else can get it to load or look for the problem?

It loaded quickly and without error for me. I suggest you try a different browser or try clearing your browser cache. You could also try saving in pdf format. I simply created a blank file and dragged your file from my download folder onto the blank interface bed.


thanks. i’ve tried it all but the pdf

It looks ok to me in Inkscape and, as I said, it loads without problem. I have an old version of Inkscape and this worked for me with Firefox and Chrome.

i was downloading firefox and decided to check one last time on chrome and there was a file there. maybe from the drag to the empty bed I tried last upload? That or i’m about to have 22 file uploads :rofl: thanks for the help

still not able to upload svg. I was able to upload the same file as a jpeg. i redid all the steps for rebooting, clearing cache, etc. I will check again in the morning.

Uploads in seconds here.

Try Chrome.

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@hannahpaigecasey I am so sorry the design is not loading.

I reviewed the design and while there are a large number of nodes I confirmed that I was able to upload the design within moments. Can you confirm if your Chrome browser is up to date?

If so your browser is up to date, you may want to try and simplify the design with your design software. Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator both have options to simplify strokes. Another option might be to convert the portion of your design which is to be engraved to a bitmap by rasterizing it. Here are two support pages on these topics which might be helpful:

Rasterize Objects
Simplify Strokes

If you converted your image from another source, you might be able to perform the conversion again. In any case, your design will likely print successfully if it has fewer nodes (also called anchor points).

Please let me know how it goes.

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