Error uploading "Please refresh your browser."

Getting really frustrated. Some files load well, others don’t. I did some research for this error, it’s NOT a browser issue it seems, but a file issue. Someone had “too many points” in their design. So they removed some. I don’t have any unnecessary points in my design. Its a small 2x3.5 design, logo, with text and shapes basically. Driving me nuts, but it does this with other designs and yet some it’s fine, with seemingly similar points. (Are POINTS just the small points on the paths where they turn or change? Am I wrong?) I don’t want to have to just rasterize everything but that’s my work around, 500 PPI and done. But i hate doing that and am annoyed with this.

I MAY have solved my own issue. Theres a check box when saving as SVG files… and if it’s checked to “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” then the files will give that “refresh your browser and reset your GF” error.

What a pain! No clue what that means exactly, but that was the problem. So I re-saved ALL my files without that box checked and good to print! Now if I can only fix the incredibly thin leather that GF sent me today… very disappointed they’d have two different thicknesses in “Medium” as if MEDIUM ISNT THE SIZE!


As leather comes from an animal there’s only a guideline, not a solid measurement. The medium is ~about 1/32" of an inch thick. The thick is ~about 1/16" thick but it’s never going to be exact.

Honestly variation happens in the most artificial of materials as well. Acrylic has an allowable variation too - so the answer is to always measure your materials, and if exact thickness is important buy in person

The minimum number of points would be what you describe - but especially when you’re tracing a drawing a line that looks perfectly straight can have dozens/hundreds of points along it. There is some version of a Simplify tool on all the editing programs that can come in handy if they’ve gone crazy

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@TypicalAdamo I’m so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but I’m glad to hear that you were able to get your designs uploaded!

I also see that you’ve already reached out to us via email regarding your Proofgrade Materials and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.