Error Uploading svg after recent update

I have recently been encountering errors while trying to upload svgs into the UI. I have not changed anything in the way that I am designing files but I keep getting unexpected errors. I have resorted to uploading pdfs instead, which print fine, but they are not saved on my home screen afterward. I am guessing this change is due to an update.

Just to be clear - you go to, click Upload, add a .pdf, and then when you hit Home it’s not there at all?

That’s definitely a bug!

I would attempt your normal system (.svg and .pdf) via a different browser (not just a new tab, but completely different) and also clear the cache on your main browser.

Let us know if that clears it out!

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With the .pdf when I hit upload, it will load and I am able to print but, afterward it is not saved in the list of past prints.

As far as the .svg, I downloaded a file from the free files section and just uploaded it to the UI just fine. I decided to go back and change the color of a few pieces so that I could split up the printing process. After only changing the color of some strokes and saving, it will now not upload.

I’ll try what you suggested, though I am already using a different browser than yesterday when I was experiencing the same issue. I’ll try clearing the cache.

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That did not seem to work, still getting error.

" Error

An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again."

If you want to upload that art here, I’m betting someone can go through and figure out if there’s an issue that your edits exposed

That is interesting, I got an error trying to upload it here in the .svg format as well. It said it was “unable to determine the size of the image, maybe your image is corrupted.” The weird thing is that I’m using the same program I have been, nothing has changed. J.ust uploaded the .pdf to UI just fine. Here is the .pdf TissueBoxCover2.pdf (92.3 KB)

Maybe there was an update to your graphics program that introduced an issue!

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

What program are you using?

Illustrator CC, but I do not connect it to the internet.

Just helps to know when people are helping you troubleshoot your files. I don’t use Illustrator, though, so someone else will have to chime in.

I may have found the issue. I deselected the “preserve ai editing capabilities” option when saving as .svg and it loaded into the GFUI!!


Glad you got it to work!

FYI - you can skip the svg issues and copy/paste directly from AI to the GF dashboard. I’ve never had a file upload or size error with this method and projects definitely show up in the design library after.


I’m glad you got that sorted out! - I’m going to close this thread now, if you run into any other issues please feel free to open a new thread or contact us directly at