Error when trying to engrave certain number of files at once

This is the first time I have had this issue in three years. I am engraving svg images that will be magnets. When I try to engrave all of them at once which is about roughly twenty it tries to process it so I can hit the start button but then gives an error but if I remove most of them and try to do like six of them it’s no problem. I have engraved full sheets of graphics numerous times with no issue but this time it won’t do it unless I only do a few at a time.

Are these vector or raster/bitmap images?


They are svg files that open with inkscape I think all the files totaled roughly 1MB

Yes, but are they vector or raster/bitmap elements? SVG can contain both.

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Just tried engraving seven of the images and it didn’t like it so took one off and six was no problem :thinking:

Ahhhh ok how would I find that out

How did you create them?

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I purchase most of my files from Etsy etc.

Without saving anything, if you ungroup the design and click on one of the graphic images, does it say “Image xxx x yyy embedded” (the xxx/yyy are the image size) in the taskbar, or “Path xxx nodes in layer”?

The former would be a bitmap/raster, the latter a vector design element.

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It says “path 22 nodes in root” on the one part I clicked

OK, that eliminates what I thought might be the problem (high-desnsity bitmap)…

Sorry, got nothing. Can you make the multiple copies in a single SVG in Inkscape, save that as a new file, and try that?


Just to follow up from that, I have a couple of vector designs with tens of thousands of nodes. They process in seconds (I do not pay for premium) and print just fine. One is primarily cuts, the other is an engrave. The machine (really, the cloud systems) and UI are perfectly capable of handling very complex designs, and repeating something simple would generally not be an issue, but there may be a glitch in how their systems process repeated simple designs causing the error. So if you combine them all in a single file, that might bypass that glitch.


I have noticed one thing that not all vector stuff is equal. I often routinely select one vector at a time, make sure the widget under the arrow is picked and go to Path> Union frequently this will cause an error in the Stroke paint page that can easily be fixed by picking the filled square next to the “x”. I don’t know what causes the error but that fixes it. And if you get that error on one then you need to do the same on the rest,

They are all in one file if I understand you correctly. When I open up the file it opens with Inkscape and all the images show up on one page in Inkscape.

In Inkscape, under the objects pulldown the top of the list says objectsand when you click on the you get a pop-up listing all the objects in the drawing. Those that say image can only be engraved. Those that are path, etc, can be cut or engraved. It starts getting complicated after that but that is basic.

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