Error when using auto focus

Anyone have information regarding this error message?


An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.

I have cleaned the unit, all mirrors, I see the red light for auto focus, etc. I’ve turned the machine off, on, off, etc and still this error continues to show up. Doesn’t matter the material, color, size, etc it keeps showing up.

Thanks for your feedback.


Have you selected your material or entered the thickness manually?

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Only when using the GF Proofgrade settings then auto focus the error appears thus I’ve been entering Uncertified Material settings as a backup. I’ve used uncertified in the past with auto focus without issue but this now seems to generate consistent error messages

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Is your GF by chance next to a bright window or other light source?


No the light in the room is very mild. This is also a new condition but the machine has been in the same place for months.

GF Personnel I am still unable to use Set Focus feature and have to manually enter material using uncertified settings. is there any option to fix this or can you send an update to my machine to see if that resolves the issue. While i’m able to use uncertified, I’m having to now use 2 passes versus one when boards are not exactly flat.

Just so you know, you are not addressing any official Glowforge personnel here…we are all just users like you. To contact them and open a support ticket, you will need to contact them by email.


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