Error with GF, say to refresh browser and turn on and off again

GF has been working like a champ the last few days. Went to make something just now and when I tri to load an SVG, i get a “processing” message for quite a while then the Error box that says “Something went wrong, try refreshing your browser and turning on and off the GF”

Did that several times, tried chrome and edge, sent the file to my wife, she tried on her computer, same error. No blinky lights, we just cleaned it. Help?

attached file for reference

Open a different file. What happens?


Also, that’s a communication issue between the computer browser and the gf servers at google. Could be any sort of electronic goblins getting in the way. Most often it’ll resolve itself unless it’s an issue with the file as pointed out.

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You may have answered your own question.

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cleaning it makes it worse? first heard for me.

Ok folks, appreciate the help. I did another file and it cut, engraved, scored no problem. So likely its the file…never had that issue…what do I do about it? resave…remake it?

Yeah, read enough of these posts on here and you will see a vast number of complaints begin with “I just did a deep clean”.

didn’t do deep clean. just standard. heard about people putting things back on the wrong way that causes issues, but just did the standard wipe down. And its cutting other files so glad to know i didn’t mess it up cleaning it. seems like a file issue, any advice?

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Not really other than trouble shoot the file or try to recreate it.

this svg has over 350,000 vector points. That’s a lot, and it’s probably why you are bogging down. Unless you have a very special use-case, I don’t see any reason that this file needs to be a vector. I would suggest rasterizing the image for engraving.

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