Error With Preparing to Print

I have been having issues with trying to print. When I hit print it has started to spin with the preparing to print then goes to “Print Stopped Unable to complete the print” and follows with the following error message “Error An error occurred on your GlowForge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.” has anyone else started to have this issue?

Does this also happen when you try to print a Glowforge file like the Gift of Good Measure?


I’ve had that happen, but not all that often. I usually close my browser completely out, then reopen. I’ll also turn the machine off and center the print head directly under the camera on the lid, then start it again and let it do its thing.


I have only tried files I have printed in the past. I got one to print and then it stopped on another. it’s random so I am thinking this is on GF server side.

Not likely. Everything is operational. You can check the status anytime here;


When you think of how many folk have a Glowforge and what percentage are using theirs at any particular moment, you can bet Glowforge knows the moment they have an error on the server-side (and they do happen) but about never on just one machine.

These things are tended to very promptly and recorded on the link above.


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