Errors in cut performance when cutting multiples

You need to adjust your workflow.

First, the thick draftboard is a thick MDF/wood product. It’s what makes up the Proofgrade plywood’s.

If you have a similar non-Proofgrade product you are trying to find settings for, sometimes you can cheat and select Proofgrade material, change to manual, and see the settings.

What you’re cutting is in no way similar to draftboard.

You’d be better off switching to veneer, then checking the settings on manual.

Note the power/speed settings.

Get some calipers and measure the thickness of your material.

Put the thickness measurement into the uncertified materials box. That will also adjust the focal point in the manual settings field.

Then, select the job operation on the left side and input your speed and power settings.

See what happens. Keep a close eye on it. And adjust from there.


I’m not sure how you can get good cuts on cardstock if you’re telling it your material height is 1/4". Did you enter a different focal height in your manual settings, maybe?

I just started having problems with calibration on the right side of my machine, and have seen some other people here experience that, too. If it’s always the left-most print that comes out fine, and the one on the right goes wonky, it could be a hardware issue.

But @jamesdhatch is right, you really need to use the correct material height settings to get good results. That’s where I’d start!

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One other possibility that I haven’t seen mentioned yet is that when cutting one item the machine may not have reached full speed yet but with two it is going at the full speed specified. I know that if I do a test on a small item and it cuts all the way through but just barely, I do have to slow the speed down a little bit for larger items to get the same result.

thanks everyone for the feedback and comments. I admit I am new to this process. I’ve ordered a set of calipers so that I can assess thickness accurately with the various materials I intend to cut, score, engrave, etc.

For now I know the issue I have had is due to the laser focus. The helpful feedback did steer me to recognize that. After I’ve finished with these first cuts in settings I know will work, I will regroup and change my workflow.


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