Errors Loading files originating from CorelDraw and Affinity Designer [Resolved]

Sorry. The original thought turned out not to be the issue. Apparently it’s a fill rule issue again for CorelDraw and Affinity Designer files.

(And apparently it’s now been resolved, so a restart of the machine will let those files be loaded now.)

Thanks for collecting this in one place and summarizing your findings.

For Affinity Designer, my work document is in inches and when the document is exported as an SVG there are no options for units in the SVG export menu (as far as I can tell). So apparently the export is always defined as pixels without any ability to change it.

As a test, I was able to create an SVG directly in Inkscape which the GFUI was able to load. I do not use Inkscape regularly so that’s not a real option for me, I just did it as a test.

considering i have opened a couple of files people were saying they were having trouble with in illustrator, saved out an SVG, then opened successfully in GFUI, i think there may be something to this being an issue with the original application’s flavor of SVG.

Yeah, I think so too, but they were opening before, which means it’s possible a change made recently to the rendering program behind the scenes killed their ability to interpret the CD and AD files. I was hoping they could be converted from Inkscape but no joy.

Oh well, they’re probably trying to find it.

i don’t disagree and i think being able to take the exact same file out of illustrator bolsters that argument.

Apparently removing the following from the SVG allows the file to be loaded:


Another thread also came to the same conclusion. Looks like the old even/odd rule has come back to bite us once again.

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Jules, you had suggested to change the units to inches from pixels. Here is a screen shot of my export. I haven’t changed anything since I started using the glowforge.

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That wasn’t the issue after all. Just a coincidence that pointed out files that were originating from CorelDraw and Affinity Designer. The issue is with how the SVGs saved from those programs are interpreted by the GFUI. (It’s a known issue.)

It appears to be up and running again. It would be nice to know if this was an update error, and if so they could tell us when there is going to be an update.
Thanks for looking into it.

Oh, I didn’t do anything…they probably started fixing it a couple of days ago. :smile:

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m so sorry you were having trouble uploading your designs.

Could you try again and let me know how it goes?

It’s working now @vee, you can go ahead and close this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for letting me know. Happy printing!