Estimated Ship Date disappeared?

Morning. My estimated ship date of March 13th is now completely gone from my account. I did get the email and I did respond. Do you think it disappearing is good, and it’s being shipped, or is it now in some sort of limbo?

I’m in California.

It’s getting ready to ship. I’m in CA also. too less then 2 weeks from reply to delivery.

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The date goes away after you accept delivery.


The confusing thing is GF count sending the email as “shipping” and the date is a prediction of when they send the email, not the GF, so it disappears. After you accept they dispatch it and it is delivered anything up to six weeks later. Recently it is only a week or two. You should get an email with tracking when it is dispatched, i.e. when it is “shipped” in normal English. However not everybody gets that, so it is advisable to sign up with UPS My Choice, which is only slightly more reliable.