Estimated Ship Date on Account Just Updated Today 10/25

Hello everyone, check your status on your account page today. Mine just updated and its not good. I originally had an Estimated date of October 30th and today it now shows Nov 27th. Another month behind… I know these were estimates but I thought for sure this was going to happen… Sad, so sad…

I ordered a basic with air filter on October 17th, 2015. I’m not sure what day of the campaign this was but according to the sticky banner up top, they are on day 20 of the pre-order campaign for “basics”.

Looks like everyone changed

Judging by comments last night on this, it looks like Basics were pushed back and some Pro’s were moved earlier… as they apparently work the assembly line to produce more Pro’s during the affected period

The big stinger here is that the date on the account is said to be only the email date and not the ship date. You need to add about another 6 weeks to actually get your shipment! So that puts me into Jan 2018. Nice!

Yes, Yes, I know I can send an email to support for refund, no need to troll…


The average for the past month according to The Spreadsheet That Shall Not Be Questioned shows about 3 weeks. 6 weeks is their max.

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Thanks for the info @jamesdhatch . Seeing how I live on the other side of the country (South Florida) I will add a week to your estimate. LOL

I’m east coast as well, and it took 3 weeks.

Well that’s encouraging @pdobrien, lets hope the Holiday season doesn’t interfere with that.

My email date is tomorrow (originally it was this 10/23 and got moved to 10/26). I live in South Florida too (SW Broward), so if I do get it early, and you want to check it out, pm me.

I love in North Tampa and my date got moved from October 26 to October 27. I know, one day but I am concerned that it may continue to slip as the banner hasn’t changed from day 17 for Pro’s

There’s movement both ways. Mine with from 10/30 to 10/27.


I’m reading most of the “you can ask for a refund” messages as folks trying to be helpful not snarky. Believe it or not a lot of owners are still asking that question. When people are upset the tone of what they read tends to lean negative.


I wish we could send yours right away! The estimates will be updated every time we get production information, good or bad. They may change, but they will always reflect the most detailed information we know about when you’re going to start the shipping process.

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