Estimated Shipping Notification Date has become crazy!

Something very strange has happen with my delivery date. Till yesterday my date was 19 of march ( I was very excited), but today the date that appear is 7 of march (today is 15 of march). Of course I don`t have recived the Golden Mail.
Someone that could know what is going on?

Mine has done the same, from the 20th to the 9th when I woke this morning. I’ve not had my email either

I take my place in that row mine had changed from the 16th to the 5th

I have the same thing as well, mine moved from the 21st to the 12th and then the 8th. After a few days of checking my email repeatedly to see if the Golden Email has arrived, I emailed support. Now on day 3 with no response from support and when I just now checked my shipping date it’s no longer visible.

just read on another thread in problems and support that this happened to someone else and within a couple of days they got their mail… guess we have to hang tight and wait. Had to double check the date wasn’t 2019 and I misread it…


I have done exactly the same :sweat_smile:

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Awww dang it. Mine moved from the 27th to the 21st march. I totally thought that was a genuine movement maybe a glitch in the estimation software then :frowning: booo

I blame machine learning. The machines are learning to make mistakes.


I don’t have much faith in the prediction if the person who wrote it doesn’t even check for the date being in the past.

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I want to think it’s a machine :sweat_smile:

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My date was holding at 15 March, but now no date appears. No email, but I hope this means it shipped.

It wont’ ship until you confirm your address and agree to receive it with missing features. It does disappear after you do that.

I got that email 9 March and agreed to accept it, but the date when I logged in remained 15 March. Today, no date when I logged in.

No date means the email has gone out.

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Congrats-- your email is most likely in “the works” and you’ll probably get it this evening, Seattle time. My disappeared about 18 hours before the email arrived.

thanks, jamesdhatch, dwardio, that was my gut feeling about the date.

As mentioned on previous posts. If you are signed up for UPS my choice their alert system will let you know as soon as the label for shipping is printed. Usually a few hours before GF notifies you.

Back in the dialup BBS days I used to go into the games section, where there would always be some sort of casino, and bet large negative amounts. I found that most programmers of these games only checked that you were not betting more than you had, so -1000000 was accepted, and of course it’s easy to lose…


I wrote and maintained the operating system used by all our company’s gaming machines. That had special measures to ensure game variables stayed in range. Games programmers had to store any thing of value in secure store objects managed by the OS. It stored multiple redundant copies with checksums and always range checked any reads, writes or additions / subtractions.

After I left things went to pot and they managed to create a machine that got the win value from a server without checking it. If the server transaction timed out it paid an uninitialised 32 bit value from a buffer on the stack which was something like 38 million Euros.


As a former slots designer that story is killing me, hahaha!

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