ETA: 1 hr

I’ll be waiting for you guys


Dang. You’ll be there already! I’m coming Wednesday. So looking forward to meeting up. Stuffs getting real!


I’m not gonna make it down that way, but if any out of town glowfolk are heading down I5 through the greater Sacramento area to get there, you are welcome to swing by my shop in Woodland for a break from driving, a chat, and some free stickers.
If you are flying into SF, you are also welcome to make the trek up here, but it’s about 4 freeway hours round trip😒


Awesome! I’m down Monday for meetings, then back tues & wed, then down for the Faire thursday!


Well Im definitely up for meeting up if youre free at any point! Lemme know

I’ll be at the booth on and off all day Friday and Saturday. I can’t wait to connect face-to-face with folks!

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