ETA On the Dollhouse?

I’m in love with my Glowforge! It’s been fantastic. My wife is not going to be impressed until I build that giant dollhouse. Do we know when that is going to pop out of the hopper? I imagine getting the instructions where they need to be for mass consumption could be a real challenge.


Make CNC has some inexpensive plans that will work with laser cutters.

Somewhere I have the laser cut plans for the Amityville House. I plan on making it for my daughter once the pass-thru alignment is working. I figure she will be an adult or in her late teens before she figures it out. (She’s currently 2, so the joke payoff will be a long time coming for me).


Browsing MakeCNC just now I came across what looks like a pretty cool free house plan…

I did need to fill out the checkout form and select paypal (even though it’s free). But once I did, I was taken directly to the download page without going to paypal.

Working on plans for something similar here too.

Just today I was thinking of building this with the Glowforge with 3D textures

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There’s no known ETA for the remaining items from the promo video. They announce when items are added, but (so far) haven’t shared ETAs.

A few years ago I created a model of our home in Chief Architect’s Home Designer software. It would be kind of fun to create a model of our home using those plans. Challenging, though, as the house is split level.


Bummer. I’m jealous of the chosen few at GFHQ that get to see the whiteboards every day.

Unfortunately, we haven’t finished adding the dollhouse to the catalog yet, but we will add all the designs from the video in the future - and when we do, you’ll receive them free of charge!

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