Etched Acrylic Blaster Display

I’m making a Battlestar Galactica blaster for a friend and decided to also include a stand.
(Please note, in these pictures, the Blaster is nowhere near finished. Please disregard its ratty appearance).
This is a Piece of Thick Clear Acrylic (PG), with the Battlestar Insignia etched into the backside so that the top is smooth and glossy. It’s got a standoff to hold a small metal plaque (also etched on the GF) and to support the front of the blaster. There’s also a little shape at the back to keep the butt of the gun from sliding off the back.
All this is laid on on top of a piece of Medium Black Acrylic (PG) to make the etched design pop.
Tonight, I’m experimenting with ways to bond all this together (Weld-On 3 and 4 will be tested) and, once done, I’ll add some little rubber feet to the bottom.

Hope you guys like it!

(PS: At what point do I stop being a “new user” and get to post more than one photo?!)



Another pic…


And one last one…


This looks amazing, the engraved base look great and i like how you incorporate the label with the part that hold the barrel upright.

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Wow that is a great display! (And prop) This sparks my creativity and up my game for my Megatron and Shockwave gunmode display stands.

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Frak, that’s good! :wink:

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That stand almost looks as nice as the blaster. :wink:
Great work on both!

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Everything looks great.

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I’ve always preferred to display trophies that have been through a couple of Cylon wars. I like it.


yeah, it can seem like pandering, or being lazy, compared to an actual response.
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Oh, yeah! The display and the blaster are way cool!