Etched Glass Ornaments!

Ordered some of these brass and glass hexagon ornaments to etch for Christmas!
I love how it turned out!

Does anyone know how I should “seal” the glass? There is a layer that can be scraped off with some effort, but it reveals more clear glass underneath the frost and I like the more frosted look. I don’t want it to scrape away on it’s own, though. Some of the corners of the letters have this issue.


I haven’t done it - but I’m betting Mod Podge would do it

Pretty much anything you put on the glass is going to do one of two things, possibly both: Chip/scrape off pretty easily, and/or dull the image. Glass doesn’t stick to most things like that very well. You could try a thin layer of epoxy, or some kind of resin. I have not done that to the glass I’ve etched. But then, most of mine have been picture frames, and I just turned them inside, so the outside glass is still smooth.
Can you get another piece of glass that size and shape, and epoxy that over the top? I mean, without blobbing epoxy all over the beauty.

Suspect the spots you are talking about are the bits not completely etched off, and you may be better off trying higher LPI and lower power–you don’t need to etch deeply to get the effect, but the higher LPI will make it smoother, and likely take away what you’re worried about.

And you can run a test to compare it to reverse the artwork and etch from the back side…

I thought that might be it too. I just love how this makes it so easy to see but I’m not sure it’s worth the tiny chipping. I will try that out!! Thanks!

Care to share where you got 'em? I see similar, but I don’t think they’re quite what you have there and I really like them. Nice find.


These are so elegant. I’ve got no tips, but I hope you can work out the kinks.

Like it! Yes, I’m curious to know where you got them as well if you’re willing to share.

Looks nice, hope you find a solution.

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