Etched iPhone 8

Hey this is my first post. I’ve only had my Glowforge a couple weeks now. So what better to experiment on than my iPhone 8. Etched the X-Files “I Want To Believe” poster on the back of the phone. Came out pretty good. No issues in the printing process. Set it to the Thick Glass Green Acrylic setting and let it go. It did 2 passes and this is the result.


Great job! This was one of my favorite episodes, the one with Alex Trebek


Welcome to the forum. Your phone project turned out great.



Nicely done, and great image (fan of the source material, too!).

Trick to consider for next time maybe… mask it with some good tape before you laze it, and then you can shoot a light coat of a transparent paint in to the engrave before you peel off the tape, and the engrave will really stand out (assuming you want it to stand out).

I just did an engrave on some black Delrin and did this exact thing. Engraved with the tape, then shot it with a light coat of white paint before I peeled off the tape. I’m sort of wishing I had done a lighter coat of a darker color, the letters stand out just a bit more than I intended.


Really nice engrave! Very brave!