Etching on a fountain pen

I tried to etch my signature on a very nice fountain pen. After two attempts with different settings I had the same results. The laser only dropped a few dots and “scratches”. Has anyone tried to etch on a round pen?pen

in your case here it’s probably not the round part but the material part. :glowforge: doesn’t actually etch into metal. and i’m not sure what that coating is, but it may not be easily etched by a 40w CO2 laser.

i’ve etched into wood pen blanks and can do a single line fairly cleanly. others have done pencils successfully.


I engrave my wood and acrylic pens daily without any issues…

Can I assume that you very carefully measured the height of the pen surface that you are engraving? Is it within .5"?


They are all within 1/2 inch.

I am a woodturner/pen turner and recently ordered a basic glowforge. I am interested in engraving pens, keychains, handles of all sorts. I have been reviewing the posts. Would you share your technique for doing so or direct me? Thanks. in the mean time I will keep looking

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