Etching ping file on 6x15inch wood how many pixels

trying to etch the word Believe on a piece of wood, it is a ping file.
How many pixels should the word be?

While it is always best to start with a vector file when you can to maximize resolution, you can use a png or JPG file.

Load file in to GF. And then resize it to fit the piece of wood as you would like.

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thank you, I did that but gf keeps telling me the file is too big - I have it centered and looks good, but a message comes up that it is too big. Never had this happen before.

I try to shoot for a resolution (pixels per inch) 2x the LPI that the engrave is.

The pixels depends on how big the engrave is going to be. Something 14" wide would need a higher pixel count than something 8" wide.

If it’s telling you that the file is too big, that generally means that it’s going to take too long - it exceeds the onboard memory for a job (which is about 3.5 hours).

The best solution for your case sounds like you should probably use a lower LPI for the engrave, which will speed the time up.


thank you, I will try that now.

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