Etching Tin

Hey Guys, I just found this little sign made of Tin and wonder if I can forge it? Has anyone worked on Tin? I tried to find any posts about tin and ran into a problem- search finds all kinds of there words that start with T-I-N…

If we can use tin, what settings should I try?

I may be wrong, but I don’t think that’s tin, I think it’s galvanized steel.

Quick test, is it magnetic? Not tin then.

Anyway, either way, the answer is no… metcal can’t be etched, really.

For more information, search the forum for “cermark” and you’ll probably also be interested in “anodized aluminum”. Both are good keywords for metal projects.


Another good product for marking metals; LaserBond 100. I’ve been using it on stainless steel and it works extremely well.

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Interesting! I would not have known that it wasn’t Tin! I’ll look into the laser bond product! Thanks. Is laser bond what you have to use to etch a MacBook like we see in the GF videos?

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MacBooks use anodized Aluminum. You don’t need to use anything to mark anodized Aluminum.

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LaserBond 100 is a product similar to Cermark, which you may have seen posts about, also. You can only buy LB100 from their website. It’s not available on Amazon.

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